Managed playout services

When starting a TV channel, you face a decision whether to build your own playout infrastructure or outsource playout to an established playout centre.

The decision is usually based on cost, quality and availability requirements and distribution potential within the operational territories.

Due to uniqueness of SMS regional position it is also important to keep in mind localization issues (audio and subtitles) and ad insertion capabilities of playout platform of choice.

SMS addresses these challenges by providing a highly available and robust playout infrastructure as a managed service.

The service is accompanied by distribution of TV channel: over fibre to pay TV operators, over terrestrial network, over satellite uplink to a customer preferred satellite operator.

Managed playout services include:

24×7 transmission of a TV channel (including commercial breaks)

24×7 transmission control with full monitoring of audio, video and ancillary data

channel branding graphics insertion/overlay

real time transmission of open subtitles („burn-in“ subtitles), teletext subtitles or DVB subtitles

real time transmission of multiple audio streams

workflow automation

asset management and storage

compliance recording

regular delivery of „as run log“.

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Have any questions?
Contact us now!

Playbox Playout Servers on Sale

PlayBox Technology makes the world’s leading “Channel in a Box” solution.

Powerful, flexible and cost effective, PlayBox Technology has integrated solutions for playout, graphics, news, automation, traffic, asset management and disaster recovery. With over 15,000 broadcast and branding channels on the air, PlayBox Technology is trusted by leading broadcasters.

PlayBox Technology systems are complete, reliable, and scalable to hundreds of channels, making it ideal for TV Centres.

Available in SD, HD or ASI/DVB, PlayBox Technology provides everything you need to build or upgrade your playout centre, or tie several centres together.

PlayBox Technology DVB playout servers provide to Teleports and IPTV Headends a complete enterprise framework for preparation, ingest, manipulation and delivery of SDI and DVB MPEG-2 or H.264 TS via ASI and IP.

PlayBox SD/HD and DVB ASI/IP solutions represent an integrated approach that enables revenue optimisation to service providers while lowering total cost of ownership throughout the launch and life of new channels and services.

PlayBox Technology DVB products enable:

  • Direct-to-ASI/IP MPEG2 or H.264 Playout
  • Live DVB-ASI/IP Stream Commercial Insertion with No Recompression
  • SI/PSI Generation DVB Multiplexing, PID Filtering and Remultiplexing
  • Multi-Language, Multi-channel DVB Subtitling
  • Intelligent IP switch for 1:1 and N+M automatic redundancy

PlayBox Technology DVB playout servers are based on open standards and offer a network distributed workflow.

Third party applications can work with PlayBox Technology providing support for legacy technology.