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For media distribution, success is about reaching as many viewers in as many places as possible. Whether you seek a broader regional audience or the creation of a global media distribution network, SAT MEDIA’s strategically located video neighborhoods connect your content with the world’s prime cable and broadcast systems, with immediate access to maximum global audience.

Today’s consumers demand more than ever before. They want to watch their favorite shows in high quality, on any device, where and when they find time. As a broadcaster, you want to provide the best content in all necessary formats, to reach new audiences wherever and however they watch. SAT MEDIA can help.

With more than 50 broadcasters trust us to deliver a wide range of media content to their customers’ homes – including standard TV, HDTV and the premium Sport Ultra HD channels. Our range of solutions includes the preparation and transmission of content for both linear and non-linear platforms, as well as a full suite of media services including digital distribution and Playout of content for video-on-demand, streaming and satellite TV.


SAT MEDIA , established in 2012 is the provider of Television and Radio distribution services through premium satellite packages and leading Cable MSO. SAT MEDIA end-to-end solution provides with cost-effective solutions of media delivery via fiber-leased lines, Public IP and via various Satellite Platforms. We provide a wide range of services, from Play-Out services (Remote & Managed service), Encoding, Transcoding, Conditional Access, Transmission delay, Video Monitoring and services for IPTV & OTT platform operators.


SAT MEDIA is an access point to the Broadcast centers of across America’s, Australia & EMEA cable operators, as well as Uplink stations of premium satellite MCPC platforms and SCPC carriers to strengthen Your TV presence in selected Region.

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