The space of the data center is a modern system space designed for installing equipment for demanding users of critical applications (disaster recovery, off-site storage, B2B applications, E-business, roaming business and office applications), it is also suitable for secondary location. The Data Center is designed for users who want a high level of security and reliability and is built according to anti-depressing standards. ISO 14001 is considered in the design and selection of equipment.

The air-conditioned server environment offers secure redundant electrical and internet resources. It is possible to connect to the Internet and individual data connections (also through different operators).

All users of the service have a single entry point for 24-hour access to services that can be accessed via telephone or e-mail. In combination with the rental of space in the data center, other services of Sat Media can be added according to the project requirements.

The service includes

Installation and fitting of the server cabinet according to your needs and requirements.

Internet connectivity.

Lease of space in several server cabinets.

(Co) using a managed network switch in the server cabinet.

Rent space in the server cabinet: N x 1 U (or half of the cupboard or whole cupboard).

The possibility of renting our other services and using them on equipment in a rented space in the data center.

Have any questions? Contact us now!

Have any questions?
Contact us now!


  • high reliability of the feed source (99,997%)
  • a redundant power supply system from two independent energy sources
  • uninterruptible (UPS) power supply with at least 2 hours autonomy
  • aggregate power supply with at least 24 hours power supply autonomy
  • separate and independent A and B power sources in each enclosure
  • central control system of electric power supply


  • highly available air conditioning, with redundant air conditioning system N + 1
  • local heat exchangers with high capacity of cooling power (trisystem design)
  • a system of cold / warm areas
  • blowing cold air through a double floor
  • draining hot air with suction
  • central control system of air conditioning


  • 100 Mb / s common symmetric Internet connection to the server cabinet
  • a Cisco network switched-in switch (included in the entire cabinet) is included
  • a relative number of managed ports in case of renting N x 1 U or half of the server cabinet
  • the possibility of hiring your own non-dedicated / dedicated connection
  • the possibility of connecting a redundant network connection;
  • the possibility of allocating a private address space;
  • the possibility of renting any other Telekom Slovenije service (VPN, Voice access, Large Business Internet).


  • security with an anti-theft system 24 hours a day
  • video surveillance with day and night recording of space and access to the room 24 hours a day
  • access control with identification cards
  • the facility is protected 24 hours a day, security guards are constantly present
  • all server cabinets are equipped with locks;
  • central video surveillance system (VNC).