Our fibre network connecting Canada, USA, Eastern Europe and Asia, combined with our fixed satellite network, is the best in region giving instant access to over 55,000 channels. Fibre network is fully protected, geographically diverse and self-healing. We are offering full-time redundant gigabit fibre connectivity to all of the major BDUs in Canada and MSOs in the USA.

SAT Media uses state-of-the-art technology enabling the utmost quality and reliability in broadcast video transmissions. Our network’s fibre optic digital circuits are built with redundancy and diverse systems, which minimize latency and jitter characteristics.


Reduced Costs

Customizable Technology

Improved Uptime

Future-Proof Solutions

Increased Visibility

Large-Scale Content Processing

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Latency Matters!

In a communication system there is a 3-way tradeoff between latency, bitrate and resiliency. With SAT Media, the tradeoffs are at their optimum, and the latency and overhead are customizable, enabling transport of broadcast-quality video according to your unique needs.


With low latency video delivery over all IP, content providers can truly replicate the TV experience while leveraging a more economical transport method.

SAT Media provides the ability to transport live video at ultra-low latency, making the internet viable for global content transport across distances, ideal for live sports and event streaming, gaming and gambling, or real-time video communication. Our protocols and applications for real-time delivery do not compromise on visual quality, while ensuring that latency is maintained and synchronized across devices, network locations, and conditions so that content providers can deliver video in real-time to the end user with confidence.

We can help you with:

Remote Production

Transformative quality and efficiency for distributed live content production.

Internet Media Transport

Stunning capabilities realized through a combination of software and integrated appliances.

Customer Provisioned Networks

Automated provisioning and control to drive efficiency and growth.

ATSC 3.0 Transport

Full transport solution for ASTC 3.0 and other Digital Terrestrial Television networks.

Affiliate Interconnect & Distribution

Enabling broadcasters or services providers to connect 100s of locations, all while adding new affiliates and spinning up new services in an instant.

Live Contribution

Because there are no second takes in live production.

Cloud Ingest

Toolbox needed for providing lossless transport over any type of cloud connection.